If you are wondering what is H-YPE, it is an acronym for the words “H Your Positive Experience”, with H standing for HSV and HPV. The site was created for supporting and helping people with STD conditions to live a normal life and find love, support and companionship, by re-entering the dating scene. If you have recently been informed that you suffer from herpes or HPV, it is not the end of the world, as you can make a whole new beginning at H-YPE. The site is an all-inclusive one and you will find members from all over the world; though it was initially created with the UK singles in mind. The features for communicating are fun, with both emails and winks available for use.

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  • Standard Membership is Free
  • 1 Month Full Access Membership for £5.95
  • 3 Months Full Access Membership for £13.95
  • 6 Months Full Access Membership for £22.95
  • 12 Months Full Access Membership for £36.95

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Cheap Rates

H-YPE offers its members access to a host of useful features at a very cheap price. It also offers a Standard free membership with limited access, though they can also use all the communal features. You can view all the rates for the full access on the home page of the site, but the rates are cheap for the host of features and the services that you can access.

Packed with Features

The site is packed with useful features, such as eventful parties, seminars and gatherings where you will be more likely to meet your soul mate. Members can also contact one another using Instant Messaging features offering both audio and video facilities. The chat rooms are available for audio and video chatting. In addition, you can communicate through public or private forums and groups. You can also create your own blog and derive a lot of inspiration byaccessing music, video and photo galleries of other members. Members can opt for a quick or an advanced search, using zip codes or even search, using a keyword.

All Members can get active support and advice first hand through counselors on the site, also, they are able to view other members’ blogs and read the comments. In addition, it`s available for paid members to set privacy settings, make comments on photos and videos, record video message using webcam for their profiles and even create a blog.

Privacy Features

It is possible to log in safely into the site, without seeing the H word all over. Browsing can be done safely, maintaining your privacy. There is a regular login as well as a sensitive login, with the latter making no reference at all to anything H. You don’t even have to use the word Herpes, while registering, as you can log in through this sensitive login.


Standard members cannot access privacy settings, nor can they access many of the unique features, such as creating a blog, participating in a private forum or group and so on.



There are a number of reasons that we could quote, for joining H-YPE. The site offers a free standard membership, for one. In addition, there are ample privacy and security features. It includes a very fast growing social networking community and offers high-end features at a ridiculously cheap price, in the case of the Gold members. It hands you the appropriateplatform for finding that perfect someone with an STD background. The site is not merely about love and romance, but also about empathy, support and understanding for its members’ condition, including keeping its members up to date with the latest events and gatherings. The best part of the site is that people who have experienced STD problems run it.

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