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H Werks

H Werks displays remarkable concern towards people with herpes and HPV, serving the community with a dating site geared to help and support them. It is not only an ideal stop where you can find love, support and companionship, but also a place where you can get education, information and support related to your condition, through social networking features. For a nominal amount, you can participate in all the features, access blogs, forums and videos as well as live groups and bulletin boards. The layout is simple and you get used to it in no time. You can add as many photos as you want and even make use of a customizer for matching your profile and personality, selecting appropriate backgrounds and generally making it unique.

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Getting Started

H Werks is not a free site, so all members have to upgrade in order to access the features. There are plenty of useful features for communication, such as an Instant Messenger for chatting with members along with video chatting features. H Werks is a vibrant social community with interactive forums and groups as well as blogs and chats, where members actively post their views and opinions. Users can communicate with other members by sending emails as well. The forums and groups are formed on the bases of your interests, such as photography, politics and so on. Get to know more about the latest in the field through a calendar that depicts herpes connected events from all over the country. The site is a smartphone friendly one, so you can check your mail or post something in the forums while on the go.

Privacy Ensured

If you are not a member of the site, you cannot access any profile or details. In addition, users are allowed the option of making their friends list available for private or public viewing, offering further privacy. You never need to worry that someone who is not a member might pop in and view your profile, as there is no Free membership. As all members have to be upgraded ones in order to access the features or profiles, members feel more at ease while posting their pictures and participating in discussions and forums. You can also choose who will be able to view your videos and photos, who can comment on your photos and videos when they are published, whether you want it to appear in the activity feed or not and so on.


The site does not allow free membership. Only upgraded members are allowed to access the inside of the site. You will have to fill out payment information while creating your profile or a personal advt.



H Werks is the ideal playground for people with HSV and HPV to find love, companionship and support. Members can access path-breaking features of an international dating site and in addition, access useful tools for learning more about their condition and discussing it with others. The site offers a broad and non-discriminatory approach to the illness with features that provide a comfortable environment for people with STDs since can come back to the dating scene, minus the embarrassment and guilt.

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