H-Date promotes positive thought among people with STDs, with their popular refrain “It’s time to start dating again.” If you are suffering from herpes, HPV and feel you are forced to live a life of seclusion, this dating website is sure to help you venture out and begin mingling again, thereby boosting your confidence. It has a large membership base of more than 40,700 active members.

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H-Date is a 100% free dating site for people with herpes and HPV.

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Lucrative Features

H-Date offers a free registration, where you have to provide your details about your STD condition, your area zip code and so on. Membership is absolutely free and you can add a maximum of five photos. All you will need is a valid email address. After completing this process, you can immediately begin searching for profiles and start chatting and participating in the forums.

Interesting Features

H-Date has a very well designed home page, with a user-friendly interface. It is extremely simple to navigate through the site, as almost all the features are available on the home page. The pages are very welcoming, so almost everyone should be able to explore the features and provisions effortlessly. Some of the features are really brilliant. For instance, you will find interesting news clippings along with a section devoted to social events, which the users find very attractive. The forum section is very active with thousands of responses from members, who are committed to helping others participating in discussions. In addition, the site regularly organizes events where you can meet other members in a social environment.

Security Features

Members are allowed to create an anonymous account and are free to block anyone whom they don’t want to contact. The site collects only the necessary information from members, enough to make the site functional and help you find the right partner. Your personal information will never be revealed, as they have very strict and clear-cut policies for Internet safety. Your information is made public only if you desire it.

Ease of Use

H-Date offers excellent search filters for customizing your search, by adding a particular detail of your preferences, such as age, location, qualification or sex. You immediately receive a lot of profiles, matching your request. Interacting with other members is very easy, with instant messaging services and members can also initiate and respond to emails to show interest in others. Members are able to create their list of favorite members, called a ‘Hot list’. They can also make a Quick Search on the Home page, just by specifying what you are looking for, the country and age.

Support and Tips

You will find a lot of comprehensive information related to herpes and HPV, support facts and warnings on the home page of the site, helping you understand the nature of your condition. Here, you can also go through FAQs that answer many queries related to the infection, tips, advice and so on.


Though the membership base is quite large and active, photographs may not accompany all the profiles.



Many people living with STDs feel that life is over and that they can never find friends or experience love and romance in their life. H-Date can completely change all this providing them with a completely fresh and positive perspective. It is a much sought after site for people with herpes and HPV. It is a completely free site and has a large number of members.

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